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Cucumber, MongoDB

Factory Girl associations with MongoMapper

If you have an association (an Article belonging to a User) and you write something like that in Cucumber:

Given the following article exists:
 | title      | user                       |
 | My article | email: writer1@example.com |

then the Factory Girl steps will handle this association for you, creating both an Article and a User for your test if they are of the ActiveRecord class. But this will throw an exception with MongoMapper.

Digging into the Factory Girl steps code explains why. Factory Girl steps use User.find(:first, :conditions => attributes) but syntax such as find(:first…) doesn’t exist for MongoMapper.
MongoMapper uses Plucky gem for all the find methods. I wrote the following monkey patch to account for the missing attributes:

Plucky::Query.class_eval do
alias_method :find_old, :find
def find_new(*args)
  options = args.extract_options!
  first = args.shift

  case first
     when :first
     when :last
     when :all
       args.unshift(first) unless first.nil?
alias_method :find, :find_new

Now the Factory Girl steps work with associations


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