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Why I don’t like writing blogs

Blogs are personal experiences. There are personal experiences other people can use, and there are those they cannot. Speaking about the ones from the latter category, I used to keep diaries in my mid and late teens. I thought they were some kind of spiritual expression, but they were mostly “this guy” and “that guy” girlish kind of stuff. I found those books later in my life and drowned then in my Mom’s bathtub because it faded the ink. I could’ve burned them but my Mom would’ve complained about damaging her bathtub.

As examples of the useful personal experiences, I read a couple of blogs when I was learning to make customized form builders. They came as really good help for me. Unfortunately, they were not enough for my own purpose. Hence, after I finished with my own version of the tabular form builder, I decided to publish my experience in order to help somebody else.

I really didn’t enjoy the very process of blogging too much.
Free blogs are very basic and are not customized to publish code. I had to learn that the “Compose” window doesn’t escape code. Also, when I managed to escape the code on my own and format it, it sometimes stripped off my formatting (for some reason, only the first 2 snippets). OK, I got the moment when it looked right in the preview and published it. It didn’t look like my preview at all, I couldn’t read my code. Eventually, after I almost gave up, I found this tool for code formatting http://formatmysourcecode.blogspot.com/. This formatting worked.

So, I hope this post doesn’t completely look as the second category. This is the summary of the practical things:
1. Diaries can be drowned instead of burning
2. Format your code on blogger using http://formatmysourcecode.blogspot.com/


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